Quantum theory: the worst scientific theory of all time?

Mark J. Hadley - Warwick

Mércores 25 de outubro de 2017 ás 16 horas na aula 8.

While quantum theory is definitely correct. It has never given incorrect predictions and it has been tested to enormous precision. Indeed it is probably the most successful scientific theory ever in terms of its predictive power and usefulness. I am not questioning any of these facts.

The purpose of the talk is to emphasize the degree to which quantum theory explains very little. It gives probabilistic results for the calculations, but says nothing about any underlying reality.

What is worse, is that ist very success has restricted searches for a deeper understanding. Indeed it is widely believed that a search for a deeper theory is not possible or maybe not meaningful. For over 50 years research has been suppressed -in a way that has not been seen since the Catholic Church enforced theories of cosmology and creation.

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