Finiteness of secondary characteristic classes of transversely homogeneous foliations

Hiraku Nozawa

Xoves 29 de setembro de 2011 ás 16:30 horas na aula 10

Secondary characteristic classes are cohomological invariants defined for foliations as a consequence of the integrability of foliations. We will make a brief introduction on these invariants, and then explain that the possibility of values of these cohomologial classes is finite when we fix a closed manifold M and consider all the foliations of M with transverse homogeneous structures associated to certain generalized flag manifold. This is a generalization of results of Brooks-Goldman and Heitsch in the case of transversely projective foliations. This talk is based on joint work with Jesús Antonio Álvarez López.

(This talk is done in Spanish.)

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