Some Compactness Theorems via m-Modified Ricci and m-Bakry-Émery Ricci Curvatures with Negative m

Homare Tadano - Tokio

Martes 26 de setembro de 2017 ás 16:00 horas na aula 10.


In this talk, after reviewing some recent compactness theorems for Ricci solitons [4, 5, 7], we shall give some new compactness theorems via m-modified Ricci and m-Bakry-Émery Ricci curvatures with negative m. Our results may be considered as natural generalizations of the classical compactness theorems due to Ambrose [1], Cheeger-Gromov-Taylor [2], and Galloway [3] and may be compared with the Myers type theorem due to Wylie [8].

We shall also give a new condition for compact four-dimensional Ricci solitons to satisfy the Hitchin-Thorpe inequality. This condition sharpens the previous condition given by the speaker [6]. If time permits, we shall discuss about a compactness theorem for complete Sasaki manifolds.


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