Some Myers type theorems and Hitchin-Thorpe inequalities for shrinking Ricci solitons

Homare Tadano - Osaka

Xoves 2 de xuño de 2016 ás 16 horas na aula 9.


Ricci solitons were introduced by Hamilton in 1982 and are natural generalizations of Einstein manifolds. They correspond to self-similar solutions to the Ricci flow and often arise as singularity models. The importance of Ricci solitons was demonstrated in papers by Perelman, where Ricci solitons played crucial roles in his affirmative resolution of the Poincaré conjecture. Besides their geometric importance, Ricci solitons are also of great interest in theoretical physics and have been studied actively in relation to string theory.

In this talk, we shall establish some compactness criteria and diameter estimates for complete shrinking Ricci solitons. Our compactness theorems generalize previous ones obtained by Fernández-López and García-Río [2], Wei and Wylie [13], Limoncu [4, 5], Rimoldi [7] and Zhang [14].

As applications of these compactness theorems, we shall give some upper diameter bounds for compact Ricci solitons. Moreover, by using such diameter bounds, we shall provide some new sufficient conditions for four-dimensional compact Ricci solitons to satisfy the Hitchin-Thorpe inequality. If time permits, we shall also consider some natural generalizations of Ricci solitons such as Ricci almost solitons [6], quasi-Einstein manifolds [1] and Sasaki--Ricci solitons [3].


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