Symmetry and shape

Celebrating the 60th birthday of Prof. J. Berndt

28 - 31 October 2019, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Practical information about the conference

Please note that the email address for the conference () is no longer active. If you want to contact the local organizing committee, please find our names at the directory of out university, where the most recent email address can be found.

City map

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Google maps

M: Department of Mathematics. P: Hotel Peregrino. C: Cathedral. Q: Don Quijote. S: Santos. Xu: Xugo. Xa: Xantar. A: Altamira. B: Boca a boca. K: Malak Bistro. T: A Tulla. V: The Veggie Carmen. 16: O dezaseis. MC: María Castaña.

See below for more information.

Weather in Santiago de Compostela is usually wet and cool. Please be prepared for rain. Temperatures are usually between 7°C and 15°C. If you choose to do the hiking route, it is advisable to bring suitable footwear.

Internet connection

You can connect via eduroam, if your affiliation supports it and you have your devices correctly configured.

If not, you can connect to the wireless network . In this case, after establishing the connection, open your browser and in the identification page use the following data:


There are several options to have lunch near the conference venue:


On Wednesday 30 afternoon each participant will have the opportunity to join one of these two activities:

Please select one of these upon registration.

Social dinner

The social dinner of the conference will take place at Restaurante Don Quijote on Wednesday at 20:30. It will be free for all registered participants

Important: confirm your attendance upon registration on Monday 28 morning, and choose main course (meat/fish/vegan). Let us know if you have allergies or special requirements.

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