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General Map
Below a web-map with detailed information about the City and the University is shown. A high resolution map can be seen or downloaded using the following link:
     High resolution map    (957 Kb)
  Monuments or Interesting Places to Visit
University Facilities or Attached
University Facilities and Monuments
Square, Street or District/Area of the Town
  1. Cathedral
  2. Reyes Católicos Hostel
  3. Rajoy Palace. Town Council.
  4. San Jerónimo College
    • Rector's Office
    • Vicerrector's Offices:
      • Cultural Advisory Service to the University Community
      • Research and Innovation
      • Teaching Staff and Academic Organization
      • Third Cycle and Educational Advisory Service
    • General Secretary
    • Press Cabinet
    • Legal Advice Service
    • Teaching Planning and Teaching and Research Staff Service
    • Service of Offer Management and Academic Programme
  5. Fonseca Residence College
    • General Library
    • Web Office
  6. Monastery of Saint Martín Pinario
    • University School of Social Work
  7. Dean's House
    • Unitenda
  8. La Concha House
    • Social Council
    • University Community Guild
  9. Balconada House
    • Vicerrector's Offices:
      • Quality and Strategic Planning
      • Economy and Financing
    • Bursar
    • Accounting Service, Budgets and Treasurership
    • Linguistic Standardisation Service
    • Scheduling and Programming Service P.A.S.
    • Quality Management and Internal Control Service
    • Staff Management Service
    • Economic Management Service
  10. University Historic Archives
  11. Jimena and Elisa Fernández de la Vega House
    • Vicerrectorship of Students and Institutional Relationships
    • International Relations Office
    • Support Services Office for the Young (OSIX)
      • Labour Orientation Area
      • Area of Self-Employment
      • Information Area
  12. Galician Centre of Contemporary Art
  13. Museo do Pobo (etnographic museum)
  14. Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
    "Pedro Barrié de la Maza" Institute of Neurological Sciences
    Institute of Legal Medicine
  15. Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
  16. San Francisco Monastery
  17. Faculty of Education Sciences
    University School of Nursing
  18. Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
    European Documentation Centre (CDE)
    Centre for Cooperative Studies(CECOOP)
  19. Centre for Advanced Studies (CEA)
    Centre for Tourism Studies and Research (CETUR)
    House of Europe
  20. Auditorium of Galicia
  21. Burgo das Nacións Hall
    Unit of Academic Management (UXA)
  22. Faculty of Philology
    Centre of Modern Languages (CLM) 
  23. Faculty of Communication Sciences
    Record Library
    Audiovisual Media Services
  24. San Cayetano Administration Buildings
  1. Bus Station
  2. Faculty of Geography and History
    Galician Language Institute (ILG)
  3. University Church
  4. Tourism Office
  5. Post and Telegraph Office
  6. Galician Parliament
  7. Rail Station
  8. Faculty of Chemistry
    "Luís Iglesias" Museum of Natural History
    Waste Management Area
  9. Post-Graduate, Third Cycle and Continuing Education Centre (CPTF)
  10. Learning Technololgy Centre (CeTA)
    Educational Science Institute
    Galician Studies and Development Institute (IDEGA)
    International Courses Office
  11. "Breogán" Infant School
  12. "Concepción Arenal" Library
  13. Faculty of Law
    Institute of Criminology
    School of Legal Practice
    Industrial Law Institute
  14. Sports Office
    University Swimming Pool
  15. Rodríguez Cadarso College
  16. Fonseca College
  17. San Clemente College
  18. University Auditorium
  19. "Ramón Mª Aller" Observatory
  20. Faculty of Pharmacy
    SANT Herbarium
    Industrial Pharmacy Institute
    Radiological Protection Service
    Translation Services
  21. Faculty of Political and Social Science
    University School of Labour Relations
  22. Athletics Stadium
  23. Service of Publications and Scientific Exchange
  24. Student Pavilion
    • Student Advice and Information Centre (COIE)
    • University Information Office (OIU)
    • Academic Management Service
      • Unit of Academic Management (UXA)
    • Student Advice Centre
    • Health Care Service
    • University Residence Hall (SUR)
  25. Faculty of Biology
    Faculty of Mathematics
    Mathematics Institute
  26. Football Field
  27. Monte da Condesa Building
    • University School of Optics and Optometry
    • Monte da Condesa Hall
    • Orthopaedics Institute and Tissue Bank
    • Computer Science Institute
  28. Sports Pavilion
  29. Research Institutes
    • Technological Research Institute
    • Nutritional Research and Analysis Institute
    • Acuiculture Institute
  30. CACTUS Building
    • Research and Technology Office (OIT)
    • Innovation and Technological Transfer Centre (CITT)
  31. Faculty of Physics
    Galician Institute for High Energy Physics
  32. Faculty of Philosophy
  33. Faculty of Education Sciences
  34. Faculty of Psychology
  35. Higher Technical Engineering School
  36. Company-University Galician Foundation (FEUGA)
  37. Ceramic Institute
  38. USC University Hospital Complex (CHUS)
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