VIII International Colloquium on Differential Geometry
Santiago de Compostela, 7-11 July 2008
Fifth Colloquium

Held from 24 to 28 of September, 1984, the number of participants in this Colloquium was 95, coming from 12 different countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Israel, Japan, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and United States).

This time the Colloquium was structured in two Sections devoted to Riemannian Geometry and Theory of Foliations, respectively; although the plenary lectures by invitation were common to both sections, there was a separate timetable for each of them.

There were 8 plenary lectures by invitation, and the invited lecturers were J. Eells (Great Britain), J. Girbau (Spain), A. Gray (USA), A. Haefliger (Switzerland), A. Lichnerowicz (France), B.L. Reinhart (USA), L. Vanhecke (Belgium) and T.J. Willmore (Great Britain).

The proceedings of this Colloquium were published in the Pitman’s series “Research Notes in Mathematics” in 1985. A total of 47 conferences and/or communications are collected in these proceedings. The reference of this publication is the following:

Differential Geometry (Luís A. Cordero, editor)
Research Notes in Mathematics, 131, Pitman Publishing Inc., Londres, 1985.
I.S.B.N.: 0-273-08708-8


Talks (* = Invited lecturer):

S. I. Andersson (Clausthal):
Foliations of almost Kähler manifolds defined by a class of pseudodifferential operators.
M. Barros (Granada):
Algunos problemas de no inmersiónen Geometría de Riemann.
D. E. Blair (Michigan):
Critical points of funcitons of the curvature on spaces of associated metrics.
R. A. Blumenthal (St. Louis):
Sprays, fibre spaces and product decompositions.
A. Bucki (Lublin):
Group of isometries of an almost r-paracontact compact Riemannian manifold.
F. E. Burstall (Bath):
Twistor fibrations of flag manifolds and harmonic maps of a 2-sphere into a Grassmannian.
J. L. Cabrerizo and M. Fernández Andrés (Sevilla):
CR-submanifolds of a locally conformal Kähler manifold.
R. Caddeo (Cagliari):
The Almansi property of the distance function in the Riemannian context.
D. Chinea (La Laguna):
Almost complex contact metric submersions.
L. A. Cordero, M. Fernández and M. de León (Santiago):
A family of compact non-Kähler almost Kähler manifolds.
C. Currás-Bosch (Barcelona):
Infinitesimal transformations with bounded norm.
C. T. J. Dodson (Lancaster):
Fibrilations and group actions.
Th. Duchamp (Tulane):
Automorphisms of convex domains in C^n and the Lempert foliation.
F. J. Echarte (Sevilla):
Los subgrupos uniparamétricos divisores normales de un grupo de Lie.
* J. Eells (Warwick):
Certain variational principles in Riemannian geometry.
M. Fernández Andrés and J. L. Cabrerizo (Sevilla):
On CR-submanifolds of a locally conformal Kähler manifold.
M. Ferraris and M. Francaviglia (Torino):
The theory of formal connections and fibred connections in fibred manifolds.
E. Gallego and A. Reventós (Barcelona):
A note on the Santaló conjecture about convex sets in the hyperbolic plane.
J. Gancarzewicz (Krakow):
Horizontal lift of connections to a natural vector bundle.
* J. Girbau (Barcelona):
Deformations of holomorphic foliations and transversely holomorphic foliations.
F. Gómez and M. Muñoz (Mallorca):
The topological dimension of the cut locus.
* A. Gray (Maryland):
Ersatz Chern polinomial and Weyl's tube formula.
* A. Haefliger (Genève):
Pseudogroups of local isometries.
G. Hector (Lille):
Quelques propeètés cohomologiques des feuilletages Riemanniens.
P. Libermann (Paris):
Legendre transformations and homogeneous Geometry.
* A. Lichnerowicz (Paris):
Generalized foliations and local Lie algebras of Kirillov.
M. Llabres and A. Reventós (Barcelona):
Riemannian foliation complementary to a Seifert fibration.
J. F. T. Lopera (Santiago de Compostela):
Conformal vector fields on a certain class of nilpotent groups.
A. Machado and I. Salavesa (Lisboa):
Grassmann manifolds as subsets of Euclidean spaces.
A. Martínez and J. D. Pérez (Granada):
n focal sets of submanifolds in the quaternionic projective space.
X. Masa (Santiago de Compostela):
Cohomology of Lie foliations.
Pham Mau Quan (Paris):
Le probleme isoperimetrique de Poincaré en dimension n.
J. Pradines (Toulouse):
Graph and holonomy of singular foliations.
* B. L. Reinhart (Maryland):
Some remarks on the cut locus.
A. Romero (Granada):
On the Ricci tensor of a complex hypersurface in indefinite complex space forms.
S. M. Salamon (Oxford):
Minimal surfaces and symmetric spaces.
M. Saralegui (Pais Vasco):
The Euler class for flows of isometries.
J. M. Sierra (La Laguna):
On semi-invariant submanifolds of complex space forms.
U. Simon (Berlin):
Eingenvalues of the Laplacian and minimal inmersions into spheres.
M. Spera (Roma):
On Connes's C*-algebras of foliations.
H. Suzuki (Hokkaido):
An interpretation of the Weil operator \chi (y_1).
I. Vaisman (Haifa):
Lagrangian foliations and characteristic classes.
* L. Vanhecke (Leuven):
G-deformations and Weyl's tube theorem.
E. Vogt (Berlin):
Examples of circle foliations on open 3-manifolds.
* T. J. Wilmore (Durham):
The Gauss map of surfaces in R^3 and R^4.
R. A. Wolak (Krakow):
Some remarks on \nabla-G-foliations.
J. C. Wood (Leeds):
The Gauss map of a harmonic morphism.


E. Alberto Banque (Barcelona, Spain)
F. Alcalde (Lugo, Spain)
E. M. Amores (Madrid, Spain)
S. I. Anderson (Clausthal, Germany
L. C. de Andrés (Pais Vasco, Spain)
M. Barros (Granada, Spain)
D. Bernard (Strasbourg, France)
D. E. Blair (Michigan, USA)
R. A. Blumenthal (St. Louis, USA)
A. Bonome (Santiago, Spain)
A. Bucki (Lublin, Poland)
F. Burstall (Bath, United Kingdom)
J. L. Cabrerizo (Sevilla, Spain)
R. Caddeo (Cagliari, Italy)
A. Candel (Santiago, Spain)
J. M. Carballés (Santiago, Spain)
J. Castanheira da Costa (Braga. Portugal)
R. Castro Bolaño (Santiago, Spain)
I. Cattaneo Gasparini (Roma, Italy)
D. Chinea (La Laguna, Spain)
L. A. Cordero (Santiago, Spain)
C. Cuartero (Madrid, Spain)
C. Curras-Bosch (Barcelona, Spain)
I. M. da Costa Salavesa (Lisboa, Portugal)
C. T. J. Dodson (Lancaster, United Kingdom)
Th. Duchamp (Seattle, USA)
F. J. Echarte (Sevilla, Spain)
J. Eells (Warwick, United Kingdom)
J. J. Etayo (Madrid, Spain)
L. Fernández (Sevilla, Spain)
M. Fernández (Santiago, Spain)
M. J. T. Ferreira (Lisboa, Portugal)
E. Fossan (Barcelona, Spain)
M. Francaviglia (Torino, Italy)
E. Gallego (Barcelona Aut., Spain)
J. Gancarzewicz (Krakow, Poland)
O. J. Garay (Granada, Spain)
L. Geatti (Pisa, Italy)
J. Getino (Oviedo, Spain)
J. Girbau (Barcelona Aut., Spain)
J. R. Gómez (Sevilla, Spain)
A. Gómez Tato (Santiago, Spain)
A. Gray (Maryland, USA)
A. Haefliger (Genéve, Switzerland)
G. Hector (Lille, France)
L. Hervella (Santiago, Spain)
M. T. Iglesias (Santiago, Spain)
M. de León (Santiago, Spain)
P. Libermann (Paris, France)
A. Lichnerowicz (Collège de France)
M. Llabres (Barcelona Aut., Spain)
J. T. López Raya (Granada, Spain)
J. L. López Rosendo (Santiago, Spain)
E. Macías (Lugo, Spain)
A. Machado (Lisboa, Portugal)
A. Martínez López (Granada, Spain)
A. A. Martínez Sevilla (Granada, Spain)
X. Masa (Santiago, Spain)
J. Mencía (País Vasco, Spain)
M. D. Monar (La Laguna, Spain)
M. C. Muñoz (Mallorca, Spain)
M. Nicolau (Barcelona Aut., Spain)
J. A. Oubiña (Santiago, Spain)
J. D. Pérez Jiménez (Granada, Spain)
Pham Mau Quan (Paris, France)
M. A. de Prada (País Vasco, Spain)
J. Pradines (Toulouse, France)
A. Ras (Barcelona, Spain)
B. L. Reinhart (Maryland, USA)
A. Reventós (Barcelona Aut., Spain)
G. B. Rizza (Parma, Italy)
B. Rodríguez (Santiago, Spain)
A. Romero (Granada, Spain)
I. Rozas (País Vasco, Spain)
S. M. Salamon (Oxford, United Kingdom)
M. Salgado (Santiago, Spain)
M.Saralegui (País Vasco, Spain)
J. M. Sierra (La Laguna, Spain)
U. Simon (Berlin, Germany)
M. Spera (Roma, Italy)
H. Suzuki (Hokkaido, Japan)
D. Tanré (Lille, France)
E. de la Torre (Santiago, Spain)
J. F. Torres Lopera (Santiago, Spain)
I. Vaisman (Haifa, Israel)
L. Vanhecke (Leuven, Belgium)
E. Vázquez Abal (Santiago, Spain)
M. C. S. Viana Ferreira (Lisboa, Portugal)
E. Vidal Abascal (Santiago, Spain)
C. Villaverde (Lugo, Spain)
J. L. Viviente (Zaragoza, Spain)
E. Vogt (Berlin, Germany)
T. J. Willmore (Durham, United Kingdom)
R. A. Wolak (Krakow, Poland)
J. C. Wood (Leeds, United Kingdom)
Enrique Vidal Abascal