VIII International Colloquium on Differential Geometry
Santiago de Compostela, 7-11 July 2008
Seventh Colloquium

Held from 26 to 30 of July, 1994, the number of participants in this Colloquium was 68, coming from 15 different countries (Brazil, Bulgary, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, Spain and United States).

There were 6 plenary lectures by invitation, and the invited lecturers were G. Hector (France), S. Hurder (USA), P. Molino (France), J. Roe (Great Britain) and E. Vogt (Germany).

The proceedings of this Colloquium were published by World Scientific Publishing (Singapur) in 1995. A total of 27 conferences and/or communications are collected in these proceedings. The reference of this publication is the following:

Analysis and Geometry in Foliated Manifolds (X. Masa, E. Macías-Virgós and J.A. Álvarez López, editors)
Singapur, 1995. World Scientific Publishing
I.S.B.N.: 981-02-2159-2


Talks (* = Invited speaker):

J. A. Álvarez López and G. Hector (Santiago and Lyon):
Leafwise Cohomology, Leafwise Homologies, and Subfoliations.
A. Bucki (Oklahoma):
Geometry of Leaves of Some Distributions on Almost r-paracompact Riemannian Manifolds of P-Sasakian Type.
S. Dimiev (Sofia):
Integration of systems of Analytic Vector Fields.
J. L. Dupont (Aarhus):
Dilogarithm identities and characteristic classes for flat bundles.
K. Fukui (Kyoto):
Remark on the Actions of R^p on Foliated Manifolds II.
F. J. García and A. M. Naveira (Valencia):
Two Remarks Abour Foliations and Minimal Foliations of Codimension Greater Than Two.
H. Goda (Tokyo):
Depth of Foliations on Tunnel Number One Genus One Knot Complements.
* G. Hector (Lyon):
Espaces difféologiques quotients de feuilletages et Géométrie en dimension infinie.
* S. Hurder (Chicago):
Transverse Index Theory.
T. Ito (Kyoto):
Some examples of contact sets of spheres and Holomorphic vector fields.
D. L. Johnson and P. Smith (Lehigh):
Regularity of Mass-Minimizing One-Dimensional Foliations.
F. W. Kamber (Urbana):
Index theory for Riemannian foliations.
H. Kitahara and H. K. Pak (Kanazawa and Kyungsan):
Some Remarks on Basic L^2-Cohomology.
Y. A. Kordyukov (Ufa):
Functional Calculus for Tangentially Elliptic Operators on Foliated Manifolds.
J. Kubarski (Lodz):
Invariant Cohomology of Regular Lie Algebroids.
R. Langevin (Dijon):
Geometry and dynamics of codimension 1 foliations.
P. Libermann (Paris):
On Contact Groupoids and Their Simplectification.
M. Macho Stadler (Bilbo):
Sur la conjecture de Baum-Connes.
S. Matsumoto (Tokyo):
Codimension one foliations and Anosov flows on solvable manifolds.
* P. Molino (Montpellier):
Geometry of Lagrangian foliations and integrable Hamiltonian systems.
H. Moriyoshi (Tokyo):
On cyclic cocycles associated with general Godbillon-Vey classes.
C. C. Remsing (Windhoek):
The tangential geometry of a foliation.
* J. Roe (Oxford):
M. Saralegi-Aranguren (Lens):
Gysin Sequences.
P. A. Schweitzer, S. J. (Rio de Janeiro):
Surfaces Not Quasi-Isometric to Leaves of Foliations of Compact 3-Manifolds.
Ph. Tondeur (Urbana):
Minimal Submanifolds in Infinite Dimensions.
* E. Vogt (Berlin):
Real analytic circle foliations on 3-manifolds.


F. Alcalde (Santiago, Spain)
J. A. Álvarez López (Santiago, Spain)
I. Bajo (Vigo, Spain)
R. Barre (Valenciennes, France)
J. C. Benière (Lyon, France)
A. Bonome (Santiago, Spain)
D. Boutat (Lyon, France)
A. Bucki (Oklahoma, USA)
U. Bunke (Berlin, Germany)
B. Callenaere (Lille, France)
J. M. Carballés (Santiago, Spain)
R. Castro Bolaño (Santiago, Spain)
H. E. Colman (Santiago, Spain)
L. A. Cordero (Santiago, Spain)
M. Cuadrado (Barcelona, Spain)
C. Currás Bosch (Barcelona, Spain)
S. G. Dimiev (Sofia, Bulgaria)
D. Domínguez Plata (Santander, Spain)
J. Dupont (Aarhus, Denmark)
K. Fukui (Kyoto, Japan)
H. Goda (Tokyo, Japan)
A. Gómez Tato (Santiago, Spain)
N. Hashiguchi (Tokyo, Japan)
G. Hector (Lyon, France)
B. Herrera (Barcelona, Spain)
S. Hurder (Chicago, USA)
T. Ito (Kyoto, Japan)
D. L. Johnson (Lehigh, USA)
F. W. Kamber (Urbana, USA)
H. Kitahara (Kanazawa, Japan)
Y. A. Kordyukov (Ufa, Russia)
J. Kubarski (Lodz, Poland)
R. Langevin (Dijon, France)
J. Lejeune (Lille, France)
P. Libermann (Paris, France)
I. Liousse (Toulouse, France)
M. Macho-Stadler (Bilbo, Spain)
E. Macías Virgós (Santiago, Spain)
D. Martín de Riego (Madrid, Spain)
X. Masa (Santiago, Spain)
S. Matsumoto (Tokyo, Japan)
E. Merino (A Coruña, Spain)
P. Molino (Montpellier, France)
H. Moriyoshi (Tokyo, Japan)
A. M. Naveira (Valencia, Spain)
J. A. Oubiña (Santiago, Spain)
A. M. Porto Ferreira (Madrid, Spain)
C. C. Remsing (Windhoek, Namibia)
B. Rodríguez Moreiras (Santiago, Spain)
J. Roe (Oxford, UK)
C. Ruiz (Granada, Spain)
E. Salem (Paris, France)
M. Salgado (Santiago, Spain)
E. Sanmartín (Vigo, Spain)
M. Saralegi-Aranguren (Lens, France)
P. Schweitzer (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
D. Tanré (Lille, France)
A. D. Tarrío (A Coruña, Spain)
Ph. Tondeur (Urbana, USA)
J. F. Torres (Santiago, Spain)
E. Vázquez Abal (Santiago, Spain)
R. Vázquez Lorenzo (Santiago, Spain)
E. Vogt (Berlin, Germany)
K. Yamato (Osaka, Japan)
Enrique Vidal Abascal