VIII International Colloquium on Differential Geometry
Santiago de Compostela, 7-11 July 2008
Sixth Colloquium

Held from 19 to 23 of September, 1988, the number of participants in this Colloquium was 95, coming from 15 different countries (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Israel, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain and United States).

There were 6 plenary lectures by invitation, and the invited lecturers were J. Eells (Great Britain), A. Gray (USA), A. Lichnerowicz (France), D. Sullivan (USA), F.J. Turiel (Spain) and L. Vanhecke (Belgium).

Again, the proceedings of this Colloquium were published in the series “Cursos e Congresos” of the University of Santiago de Compostela in 1989. A total of 36 conferences and/or communications are collected in these proceedings. The reference of this publication is the following:

Proceedings of the Sixth International Colloquium on Differential Geometry (Luis A. Cordero, editor)
Santiago de Compostela, 1989. Universidad de Santiago de Compostela. Cursos e Congresos da Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, 61
I.S.B.N.: 84-7191-554-5


Talks (* = Invited speaker):

Iain R. Aitchison and J. Hyam Rubinstein (Melbourne):
Heaven & Hell.
L. C. de Andrés, M. Fernández, A. Gray and J. J. Mencía (Bilbao):
Compact Manifolds with Indefinite Kähler Metrics.
D. E. Blair (Michigan):
Generalizations of Myers Theorem on a Contact Manifold.
P. Bueken and L. Vanhecke (Leuven):
Isometric Reflections on Sasakian Space Forms.
B. Cenkl (Boston):
Tame Intersection Homology.
C. T. J. Dodson and S. A. Wilkinson (Lancaster):
Twist and Writhe on a Torus.
F. J. Echarte and J. Núñez (Sevilla):
Relations among Solvable Lie Algebras and their Nilpotent Derived Algebras.
* J. Eells (Warwick):
Harmonic maps between spheres and ellipsoids.
F. Etayo Gordejuela (Madrid):
Connections on Squares of Vector Bundles.
L. M. Fernández (Sevilla):
Submanifolds in Toroidal Bundles.
J. Fontanillas and F. Varela (Madrid):
Global Models of Riemannian Metrics.
G. A. Fredricks, P. B. Gilkey and P. E. Parker (Wichita):
The Higher Order Differential Invariant \alpha.
P. B. Gilkey (Oregon):
Spinors on Spherical Spaceforms.
* A. Gray (Maryland):
Compact complex and symplectic manifolds.
G. Hector (Lyon): P
Réalisation symplectique des variétés de Poisson.
D. Lehmann (Lille):
Théorème de Gauss-Bonnet pour les variétés stratifiées.
P. Libermann (Paris):
Cartan-Darboux Theorems for Pfaffian Forms on Foliated Manifolds.
* A. Lichnerowicz (Paris):
Lie Groups with Left-Invariant Symplectic or Kählerian Structures.
W. L. Lok (Hattiesburg):
Deformations of Discrete Groups of Euclidean Motions.
O. V. Manturov (Moscow):
Inclusion Method of Construction of Invariant Tensors.
S. Markvorsen (Lyngby):
A Transplantation of Heat Kernels via Harmonic Maps.
C. F. B. Palmeira (P.U.C. Brazil):
Line Fields defined by Eigenspaces of Derivatives of Maps from the Plane to Itself.
P. E. Parker (Wichita):
A new invariant of smooth manifolds.
H. Pedersen and Y. Sun Poon (Odense):
Twistorial construction of Quaternionic Manifolds.
A. Pereira do Valle and A. Verjovsky (Braga and Trieste):
Two Examples of Escaping Harmonic Maps.
J.-F. Pommaret (Paris):
Partial differential control theory snd causality.
E. A. Ruh and Ph. Tondeur (Urbana):
Almost Lie Foliations and the Heat Equation Method.
F. Sergeraert (Grenoble):
Free Loop Spaces and Computability in Algebraic Topology.
R. N. Singh (Vanarasi):
Horizontal lifts of tensor fields to the complex tangent bundle.
* D. Sullivan (CUNY-IHES):
On the structure of renormalization for one dimensional dynamical systems.
* F. J. Turiel (Málaga):
Dimension transverse des orbites d'une action feuilletée de R^n sur une variété feuilletée compacte.
* L. Vanhecke (Leuven):
Reflections and rotations on Riemannian manifolds.
J. L. Viviente (Zaragoza):
Geometría y/o Álgebra geométrica.
Pawel G. Walczak (Lodz):
An Estimate for the Second Fundamental Tensor of a Foliation.
H. E. Wilkelnkemper (Maryland):
An upper bound on ||d\phi^t|| for unit vector fields whose orbits are Geodesic.
Robert A. Wolak (Krakow):
Transverse Completeness of Foliated Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations.


I. R. Aitchison (Melbourne, Australia)
F. Alcalde (Santiago, Spain)
L. C. de Andrés (Bilbao, Spain)
I. Bajo Palacio (Santiago, Spain)
D. E. Blair (Michigan, USA)
A. Bonome (Santiago, Spain)
P. Bueken (Leuven, Belgium)
J. Candel (Santiago, Spain)
J. M. Carballés (Santiago, Spain)
R. Castro Bolaño (Santiago, Spain)
I. Cattaneo Gasparini (Roma, Italy)
B. Cenkl (Boston, USA)
L. Conlon (St. Louis, USA)
L. A. Cordero (Santiago, Spain)
C. Cuartero (Madrid, Spain)
C. T. J. Dodson (Lancaster, UK)
D. Domínguez Plata (Santiago, Spain)
F. J. Echarte (Sevilla, Spain)
J. Eells (Warwick, UK)
J. J. Etayo (Madrid, Spain)
F. Etayo Gordejuela (Madrid, Spain)
L. M. Fernández (Sevilla, Spain)
M. Fernández (Bilbao, Spain)
M. I. Ferreira (Lisboa, Portugal)
J. Fontanillas (Madrid Aut., Spain)
E. García Río (Santiago, Spain)
O. Gil Medrano (Valencia, Spain)
P. B. Gilkey (Oregon, USA)
A. Gómez Tato (Santiago, Spain)
C. González (La Laguna, Spain)
A. Gray (Maryland, USA)
G. Hector (Lyon, France)
L. M. Hervella (Santiago, Spain)
S. Hineva (Sofia, Bulgaria)
C. Lasso de la Vega (Bilbao, Spain)
D. Lehmann (Lille, France)
J. Lejeune (Lille, France)
M. de León (CECIME, Spain)
P. Libermann (Paris, France)
A. Lichnerowicz (Collège de France)
W. L. Lok (Hattiesburg, USA)
A. Machado (Lisboa, Portugal)
M. Macho (Bilbao, Spain)
E. Macías (Santiago, Spain)
O. V: Manturov (Moscow, USSR)
J. Margalef (CECIME, Spain)
S. Markvorsen (Lyngby, Denmark)
A. Martín (Santiago, Spain)
X. Masa (Santiago, Spain)
O. Meana (Santiago, Spain)
J. J. Mencía (Bilbao, Spain)
I. Méndez Naya (Santiago, Spain)
E. Merino (Santiago, Spain)
M. D. Monar (La Laguna, Spain)
P. M. Nunes (Lisboa, Portugal)
J. Núñez Valdés (Sevilla, Spain)
J. A. Oubiña (Santiago, Spain)
C. F. B. Palmeira (PUC, Brazil)
P. E. Parker (Wichita, USA)
A. Pazos García (Santiago, Spain)
H. Pedersen (Odense, Denmark)
A. Pereira do Vale (Braga, Portugal)
J. Pommaret (ENPC/CERMA, France)
M. A. de Prada (Bilbao, Spain)
J. Pradines (Toulouse, France)
P. Real Jurado (Sevilla, Spain)
L. del Riego (Yucatán, Mexico)
B. Rodríguez Moreiras (Santiago, Spain)
G. Romani (Roma, Italy)
J. I. Rozas (Bilbao, Spain)
I. M. da C. Salavessa (Lisboa, Portugal)
M. Salgado (Santiago, Spain)
J. L. Sanchez Almeciga (Sevilla, Spain)
E. Sanmartin (Santiago, Spain)
J. Santisteban (Bilbao, Spain)
F. Sergeraert (Grenoble, France)
J. M. Sierra (La Laguna, Spain)
R. N. Singh (Varanasi, India)
D. Sullivan (CUNY, USA - IHES, France)
A. Tarrío (Santiago, Spain)
Ph. Tondeur (Urbana, USA)
T. Tonev (Sofia, Bulgaria)
E. de la Torre (Santiago, Spain)
J. F. Torres Lopera (Santiago, Spain)
F. J. Turiel (Málaga, Spain)
L. Vanhecke (Leuven, Belgium)
M. E. Vázquez Abal (Santiago, Spain)
A. Verjovsky (Trieste, Italy)
M. L. de S. Viana Ferreira (Lisboa, Portugal)
E. Vidal Abascal (Santiago, Spain)
J. L. Viviente (Zaragoza, Spain)
P. G. Walczak (Lodz, Poland)
S. A. Wilkinson (Lancaster, UK)
H. E. Wilkenlkemper (Maryland, USA)
R. A. Wolak (Krakow, Poland)
Enrique Vidal Abascal