VIII International Colloquium on Differential Geometry
Santiago de Compostela, 7-11 July 2008

Plenary Lectures

Vestislav Apostolov
Old and new trends in bihermitian geometry
Tuesday, 8; 10:00-11:00.
Jürgen Berndt
Foliations and cohomogeneity one actions
Monday, 7; 10:15-11:15.
Marcos Dajczer
Hypersurfaces of prescribed mean curvature in manifolds with a Killing field
Wednesday, 9; 9:00-10:00.
Bertrand Deroin
Random compositions and applications to conformal dynamics
Tuesday, 8; 9:00-10:00.
Steven Hurder
Dynamics and cohomology of foliations
Monday, 7; 12:00-13:00. pdf-talk
Jean Renault
Cartan sub-C*-algebras, pseudogroups and orbifolds
Thursday, 10; 9:00-10:00. pdf-talk
Ruy Tojeiro
Genuine deformations of submanifolds
Thursday, 10; 10:00-11:00.
Takashi Tsuboi
On the uniform perfectness of the group of diffeomorphisms
Wednesday, 9; 10:00-11:00.
Alberto Verjovsky
Hedlund´s theorem on minimality of horocycle flows for Riemann surface laminations
Friday, 11; 10:00-11:00.

Communications on Foliation Theory

Taro Asuke
On the Fatou-Julia decomposition of transversally holomorphic foliations of complex codimension one
Friday, 11; 11:45-12:30.
Gianluca Bande and Dieter Kotschick
The Geometry of Recursion Operators
Thursday, 10; 18:00-18:45.
Miguel Bermúdez
Some trace formulas on l2 cohomology
Thursday, 10; 13:45-14:00.
Andrzej Bis
Partial variational principle for finitely generated groups of polynomial growth and some foliated spaces
Tuesday, 8; 18:00-18:45.
Charles Boubel
Lorentzian flows on closed 3-manifolds
Tuesday, 8; 16:00-16:45.
Maciej Czarnecki
Boundary of Hadamard foliations
Tuesday, 8; 16:45-17:30.
Francoise Dal'Bo, M. Peigne, J.-C. Picaud and A. Sambusetti
On the growth of nonuniform lattices in pinched negatively curved manifolds
Wednesday, 9; 12:30-13:15.
Gilbert Hector
Dynamiques Source-Puits et Flots transversalement projectifs
Thursday, 10; 16:00-16:45.
Adrian Mihai Ionescu
Foliations and (k, \mu, \nu)-nullity
Monday, 7; 18:45-19:30.
Vadim Kaimanovich
Random graphs and measured equivalence relations
Tuesday, 8; 13:45-14:00.
Bertrand Deroin, Victor Kleptsyn and Andres Navas
Ergodicity of minimal codimension one foliations: a sufficient condition
Tuesday, 8; 11:45-12:30.
Yuri A. Kordyukov
Transverse Dirac operators on foliated manifolds and its applications
Thursday, 10; 11:45-12:30.
Fernando Alcalde Cuesta, Álvaro Lozano Rojo and Marta Macho Stadler
Transversely Cantor laminations as inverse limits
Wednesday, 9; 13:45-14:00.
David Marín and Jean-François Mattei
Topological aspects of singularities of planar holomorphic foliations
Friday, 11; 12:30-13:15.
Hiroki Kodama, Yoshihiko Mitsumatsu, Shigeaki Miyoshi, and Atsuhide Mori
On the violation of Thurston's inequality for codimension 1 foliations
Tuesday, 8; 18:45-19:30.
Hiraku Nozawa
Homotopy Invariance of Geometrically Tautness of Riemannian Flows with application to Sasakian Geometry
Monday, 7; 18:00-18:45.
Gilbert Hector and Daniel Peralta-Salas
Completely integrable embeddings in open manifolds
Thursday, 10; 16:45-17:30.
Vladimir Rovenski and Pawel Walczak
Variational formulae for the total mean curvatures of a codimension-one distribution
Monday, 7; 16:45-17:30.
Tomasz Rybicki
On the algebraic structure of contactomorphism groups with application to contact foliations
Wednesday, 9; 11:45-12:30.
Paul A. Schweitzer, S.J.
Riemannian manifolds not quasi-isometric to leaves in codimension one foliations
Tuesday, 8; 12:30-13:15.
Vladimir Slesar
On transversal Weitzenböck formulas for Riemannian foliations
Thursday, 10; 12:30-13:15.
Steven Hurder and Dirk Toeben
Transverse LS-Category for Riemannian Foliations
Monday, 7; 13:00-13:45.
A. Bartoszek and Pawel Walczak
Foliations by surfaces of a peculiar class
Monday, 7; 16:00-16:45.
Szymon M. Walczak
Hausdorffized leaf spaces
Thursday, 10; 18:45-19:30.

Posters on Foliation Theory

Fernando Alcalde Cuesta, Pablo González Sequeiros and Álvaro Lozano Rojo
Affability of tiling dynamical systems
Fabian Kopei
Analogies between coverings of certain foliations and algebraic field extensions
Xosé M. Masa
Duality and minimality for Riemannian foliations on open manifolds
Fernando Alcalde Cuesta and María Pérez Fernández de Córdoba
Branching number of a graphed pseudogroup

Communications on Riemannian Geometry

Vladica Andrejic
Duality Principle in pseudo-Riemannian Osserman manifolds
Thursday, 10; 11:45-12:30.
Teresa Arias-Marco and O. Kowalski
Locally homogeneous affine connections
Tuesday, 8; 12:30-13:15.
Adina Balmus
Biharmonic maps and submanifolds
Tuesday, 8; 16:00-16:45.
M. Brozos-Vázquez and R. Vázquez-Lorenzo
Osserman and conformally Osserman manifolds
Tuesday, 8; 13:15-14:00.
Wen-Haw Chen
On Topological Obstructions of Compact Riemannian and Combinatorial Positively Ricci Curved Manifolds
Monday, 7; 18:45-19:30.
Jurgen Berndt and Jose Carlos Díaz-Ramos
Hypersurfaces with constant principal curvatures in the complex hyperbolic space
Wednesday, 9; 13:45-14:00.
Mirjana Djoric
Invariant submanifolds of a real hypersurface of a complex manifold
Thursday, 10; 13:45-14:00.
Maria Josefina Druetta
D´Atri spaces of Iwasawa type
Friday, 11; 12:30-13:15.
Zdenek Dusek, Oldrich Kowalski and Zdenek Vlasek
Homogeneous geodesics in homogeneous manifolds with an affine connection
Thursday, 10; 18:45-19:30.
Peter B Gilkey
Geometric realizations of algebraic curvature tensors
Tuesday, 8; 11:45-12:30.
Michel Goze and Elisabeth Remm
On the Classification of compact pseudo-riemannian G-symmetric spaces
Monday, 7; 18:00-18:45.
Nicolas Ginoux and Georges Habib
Transversal Killing spinor on Riemannian flows
Monday, 7; 16:45-17:30.
Gil Bor and Luis Hernández-Lamoneda
Constructing pseudo-convex CR-structures with symmetry
Thursday, 10; 16:00-16:45.
Stere Ianus and Gabriel Eduard Vîlcu
Paraquaternionic manifolds and mixed 3-structures
Thursday, 10; 18:00-18:45.
Wlodzimierz Jelonek
Kahler manifolds with quasi-constant holomorphic curvature
Friday, 11; 11:45-12:30.
Sebastian Klein
Reconstructing the geometric structure of a Riemannian symmetric space from its Satake diagram
Wednesday, 9; 11:45-12:30.
Alexander Lytchak
Geometric resolutions of singular Riemannian foliations
Monday, 7; 16:00-16:45.
Michael Markellos and Vassilis J. Papantoniou
Biharmonic submanifolds in non-Sasakian contact metric 3-manifolds
Tuesday, 8; 16:45-17:30.
Eric Loubeau, Stefano Montaldo and Cezar Oniciuc
On the classification of biharmonic curves in CP2
Tuesday, 8; 18:00-18:45.
Peter B. Gilkey and Stana Z. Nikcevic
Pseudo-Riemannian Jacobi-Ricci commuting manifolds
Thursday, 10; 16:45-17:30.
Julien Roth
Sphere rigidity in the Euclidean space
Monday, 7; 13:00-13:45.
Guanghan Li and Isabel Salavessa
Mean curvature flow of spacelike graphs
Wednesday, 9; 12:30-13:15.
Marcos Salvai
Global smooth fibrations of R3 by oriented lines
Thursday, 10; 12:30-13:15.
M. Aghasi, C.T.J. Dodson, G. N. Galanis and Ali Suri
Conjugate connections and differential equations on infinite dimensional manifolds
Tuesday, 8; 18:45-19:30.

Posters on Riemannian Geometry

Rui Albuquerque and L. Consiglieri
Invariant connections on Euclidean space
Ahmet Altundag and Fatma Ozdemir
Semi-symmetric metric F-connection spaces
Ajit Bhand
A characterization of geodesically invariant distributions
Simona-Luiza Druta
Cotangent Bundles with General Natural Kahler Structures
Catalin Gherghe
On a gauge invariant functional
Jan Kurek and Wlodzimierz Mikulski
Riemannian structures on higher order frame bundles from classical linear connections
Jan Kurek and Wlodzimierz Mikulski
Distributions on the cotangent bundle from the torsion-free connections
Raluca Mocanu
Gray identities and the Tanaka-Webster connection
Witold Mozgawa
Bar billiards and Poncelet's porism
Marian Ioan Munteanu and Ana-Irina Nistor
Weingarten translation surfaces of polynomial type in E3
Rui Pacheco
Harmonic two-spheres in Sp(n) and O(n)
R.Caddeo, Paola Piu and A. Ratto
Rotational surfaces in H3 with constant Gauss curvature
Vladimir Rovenski and Leonid Zelenko
The problem of a surface reconstruction by principal curvatures and directions
Ignacio Sánchez-Rodríguez
G-Structures defined on pseudo-Riemannian manifolds
Fatma Muazzez Simsir and Cem Tezer
Conformal vector fields of the Sasaki metric
Pedro A. Suarez, S.J.
Clifford Algebras and an application to spinors
Enrique Vidal Abascal